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BKN, New Amazing World That I Learn

Hello.. Greetings! My name is Adinda, 20 years old, I’m a student at Padjadjaran University, Bandung, majoring Public Relations, Faculty of Communications Science. This is my last year at college so I have to did an internship.

Ok, enough about me. Now, let me tell you an awesome stories about this 2 months internship. Let the stories begin..

Started at December, when I was desperate where to did internship to finish my credits. When I’m looking for some internship references and offer, I was read some stories from government institution’s blog. I was thinking “they did internship there? Cool. I should try to apply there”

National Civil Service Agency or Badan Kepegawaian Negara (BKN). Have you ever heard rumors if you did intern at government institutions, all you have to do is just delivering letters or copying some tasks? Well, it doesn’t applicable in BKN. The internship students were taught about Public Relations, from publicity, media monitoring, media relations, etc and they treat us very well. Good CSR, right? 😉

But, what makes you comfortable in some places are people in it. Staff at BKN are very very kind and friendly. It proved when the first call I’ve made to ask about internship’s requirements. They explained it very well and really friendly. You won’t belive that they just need a letter from campus. They didn’t ask for CV, application letters, portofolio, or something like that. Amazing. After I sent the requirements, just need two days to get called back from BKN. It was Thursday afternoon and I was at class, did final exam. After the exam finished, I looked my phone and there’s four times missed called from BKN. It was really freaked me out. Of course it is, who’s not scared if the institutions you ‘t apply for intern called you four times and you didn’t answer? I thought I just lost my chance, but I still called them back and Head of PR at BKN ask me to come to their office at Monday, 10 AM.

Monday, December 22nd , my first time set my feet in BKN. I met Mr. Tumpak Hutabarat, Head of PR at BKN. Just like I said, people at BKN are very kind and friendly. He was very welcome and shared some stories and rules at BKN. After that, he introduce me to Mr. Herman, Head of Public Service, part of PR division.After short talk with Mr. Herman and introduce myself, he just accept my internship application and I can start the next day, Tuesday, December 23rd.

Ok, let’s make this story shorter.

December 23rd till February 23rd , two months, but feels like just yesterday I started intern at BKN. Lot of things I learnt. Publicity, it’s how I write news and publish it to BKN official website. After corrected by Mr. Aman of course. Public Service, is how I answer every questions from external calls, and I should answer it correctly and friendly. It was very difficult at the first time, but I don’t want to fail and messed up, so if I didn’t know the answers, I ask staff here and as time went, I can handle it by myself and can answer it perfectly. (woohoo! J). And then I did Mading Project, lead by Mr. Tommy, Mr. Berry, and Mrs. Astri. They want their Mading shine up again and ask me for the concept. We did the project about two weeks, and helped by another interns at PR.

The point is, I really learnt everything about PR government very well and staff here taught me very patiently and kind and never made me like a fool student who didn’t know anything. At the end of the day, this awesome months, they’re just like my new family. Those who I met everyday, everytime, share everything with me.

I should be very thankful, first, for Mr. Tumpak, Mr. Herman, and Mr. Mardi, thanks for accept me did internship at PR BKN. For. Mrs. Rena, thanks for texting me at the first time after you called me four times but I didn’t answer. I probably very panic and don’t know what to do if you didn’t text me. For Mrs. Afri, Mrs. Dini, Mrs. Winni, Mr. Wasidi, and Mr. Aman thanks for helping me give best answers from external calls, teach me how to write news and notulens and everything you shared with me. For Mr. Tommy, Mr. Berry, and Mrs. Astri thanks for lead me for the Mading Project. It was very fun! Thanks for Mr. Agus for publishing my writing to website. For Mr. Kiswanto, thanks for everything you shared. For Mr. Subali, you’re my best supervisor ever! For Mr. Slamet, Mr. Yadi, Mr. Iskandar, Mr. Arif, Mrs. Rita, thanks for teach me all about precedence. Well, I’m sorry for the mess that I made. And for all my internship friends! Should I mentions your name one by one? Haha ok I should. For Rinda, Cyntia, Ramos, Hima, Heni, Ika, Tari, Sinta, Fauzan, Yessi, and Ichsan, thanks for accompany me here, thanks for help me did everything, thanks for being my new friends and my new family.

I don’t know how to end this story, maybe it shouldn’t end. And well, there’s no such thing as goodbye, there’s only a new hello for new stories to tell. See you next time and I wish best for everything. Cheerio!

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Penulis : Adinda Safira, Mahasiswi jurusan Hubungan Masyarakat, Fakultas Ilmu Komunikasi, Universitas Padjadjaran.
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